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Pudding Lane offers an extensive range of plants including: trees; shrubs; perennials; fruit; herbs and annuals. Plant sizes vary from seedlings to mature plants. In addition we provide the essential goods and materials to care for and enhance the enjoyment of the plants in your garden. We can assist you in selecting plants to meet your requirements.

Ornamental Trees and Japanese Acers

Trees are among the most long lived plants and as such represent a legacy for future generations.They will have a significant visual impact on the garden and alter the growing conditions for other plants. Pudding Lane is able to offer trees ranging from: native trees such as oaks; flowering cherries;crab apples and the elegant structure and brilliant colours of Japanese Acers.We have always been particularly proud of our Acer displays.


Specimen shrubs can act as a focal point in the garden. Shrubs can form the backdrop to other plants or be integrated within a mixed border planting scheme. They can be considered to be the backbone of the garden planting and as such have many functions to perform. They provide seasonal colour, fragrance and variations in form and texture.

Hardy Perennials

Perennials have increased in popularity in recent years due to their long flowering periods and innate resilience. They encapture the spirit and atmosphere of the traditional English garden, late afternoon tea and bees humming in the flower borders. They are often used in more contemporary schemes as mono block planting. Pudding Lane offers perennials as plants in 9cm pots up to substantial plants in 5-10 litre pots


Topiary plants are equally at home within a parterre, mixed border or minimalist garden comprising only a few plants in decorative aggregates. Our topiary includes traditional box, yew, bay and japanese holly. We also have the more recent introductions of Photinia, Euonymus and Elaeagnus primarily in the form of ball standards.

Annual plants

The popularity of planting borders with annuals has declined with the exception of urban parks. The main use is for baskets and pots to give a blaze of colour particularly in the summer months.We sell the plants in packs or individual pots. We also make up baskets to our own designs and tailored to customer requests. We currently provide this service to local councils and businesses.

Fruit, herbs and vegetables

We are all more conscious of the impact we are having on the environment and there is renewed interest in growing an edible crop. Space is being allocated to vegetables, herbs and fruit often for education, experience and fun as well as satisfaction and taste. We offer a wide range of plants according to the seasons and can provide useful advise on getting started and keeping the production going.

  Plant care and support materials

Our shop is stocked with materials and goods that are specifically geared to the care of plants including: protection against pests and diseases; fertilisers, composts and mulches including
Strulch, tools and equipment.

Pots, planters and garden ornaments
Pots, planters and garden ornaments

We are stockists for Haddonstone who are the primary UK company in the manufacture garden ornaments and architectural pieces. Their designs are based primarily on the those found in the stately homes and gardens of England.Haddonstone also have a contemporary range. In addition we stock UK produced terracotta pots and selected ranges of imported pots.